Wirecut fails

i have a closed polysurface and i am trying to make a cut but its a big file also but wirecut seems to fail at all attempts, i have never seen this before, any recommendations? is this a bug with large files?

Send through the file and we can have a look.

do you have a address i can send it to? i don’t think i can share it for everyone to see

Then you probably want the rhino developers to see it rather than me. @pascal might be able to help.

Check for a dodgy curve first, overlapping itself would be a show-stopper.

I’d be surprised if it was a large file or model size issue.

If the model is very far from the origin then this could be causing issues.

its not actually but even so a cut should be a cut and its a very irregular, here is an image before some were combined

i guess no one wants to tackle this @pascal

What exactly are you trying to wirecut? What are you showing us in this screenshot, the original closed polysurface? There’s not really much info to work with here, hence the lack of responses.

Hey all, @mitviz - I am out of the office most of this week - I’ll take a look when I get a chance.

I guess we need an example file - please send to tech@mcneel.com or upload vis rhino3d.com/upload, and we’ll take a look.


file sent

So… I’m downloading a 400MB - no-500MB no wait, up to 900 MB file… still going - is it just possible that the object you are wire cutting and the cutting curve could be exported to a separate file? Just a thought.


its an almost 4 gig file, not small at all, sorry i think i sent you the whole file buts its much faster to download than to upload it

What I meant was … can you please export just the objects involved to a new file and send that?



yeah, i can, it will stil be huge but i am already doing it

Now I have also a wirecut problem.
Am I doing something wrong?
The file is 2MB. If you want to have a look, please send me a adress where I can send the file.

Hi Frits - Please export the objects involved to a new file and post it here or to tech@mcnmeel.com


send the complete file and a screenshot what to cut to tech…, but I get the message not possible to deliver so i post both here
Huis.3dm (2.2 MB)

Yeah, the problem is I have no idea what you’re trying to cut, with what, curve, in what view… please export the curve that fails and post that.


is this what you want?
curve.3dm (32.5 KB)

Yes, thanks. The house object has a bad surface - run _ExtractBadSrf, delete it, then Cap to close things again with a new surface. WireCut should work now…