Possible to render GH animation?

One can create animations with GH in different display modes, by using the animate option of a slider. Is this also possible with the Raytraced Viewport / by rendering individual frames to a certain number of passes?


Hi i think you can animate in different display mode but you might not get all the styles for the object you animate. At least when i tried the last time all my objects had a custom preview. But the raytraced viewport didn’t work. Maybe there is a workaround but with simply animating the slider it won’t show anything.

it is somehow possible with Raytraced, however it does not wait for the passes to finish and only gives white images …
@nathanletwory, is this sth that is being worked on?

Not that I am aware of. I’ve logged RH-64509 Grasshopper animation should support Raytraced.

Dont know though if it should support Raytraced or individual renderings - as if GH would create a rendering for every frame and saving it. In that way it could also automatically use all the options from the render settings.

The V-Ray for Grasshopper is implemented is maybe a good example.

Is this feature being developed ? If so is there a release schedule for it?