Export animation with transparency

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I am looking to export a series of pngs with a transparent backgound using the grasshopper slider’s “animate” tool. Does anyone know of a way to get the background to be transparent while in a “rendered” view mode and exporting via grasshopper? This can obviously be accomplished in rhino, however it does not seem to work with the grasshopper view export.

Here is a super basic file to test with
howdoianimatewithtransparentbackground.gh (5.0 KB)

self-bump, anyone know a solution for this?

I don’t think that it’s possible at the moment with slider animations from Grasshopper.

If you export the frames with a neutral, solid, unique coloured background, you can use an image editing application with batch editing capabilities to remove the background.
What you’d do is set up a workflow that can be applied to an entire folder of images.

For each image you’d select the entire background by colour - it needs to be unique so that no relevant other area gets selected -, then you’d have to simply delete the background, or invert the selection and apply a mask. At the end, simply save the file in an appropriate format.
Once the workflow is recorded for one, you can apply it to all images in a directory, and thus process hundreds or thousands of them.
Results may vary, but if you dial in your selection options, you can get a relatively good output.

I think that for instance Vray allows you to render with a transparent background from Grasshopper, but I don’t personally use it.

it is possible with trans backgrounds.

Care to explain how?

Export as jpg and removing the background via batch in photoshop is my current workflow. I have vray and would use it but I am really looking to use the “rendered” viewport for the flat shading of a planar surface from a “top” view.

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This looks promising, I will have to try it out.