GH slider animation, raytraced


I’m looking for a method to animate (make PNG frames) using the GH slider. Unfortunately I did not find a method to do that using a raytraced view. It would be nice if you could indicate the amount of cycles you need for each frame. Does anyone if and how that is possible? As you can see in the image, there is no option to specify the amount of cycles.

(I am using the latest version of R7)

Thank you for your time!

At the moment this is a much more involved process than what can be accessed with the GUI.
You’ll likely need to script (VB, C# or Python) the rhino “render” command from GH and put that on a GH trigger(timer). The rendering window will block the GH canvas thread so the trigger only fires again after the current render is done.

Thanks, didn’t think of that! Perhaps even easier with viewcapturetofile from Python/C#? It would also mean building an automated slider that updates after the trigger.

i have not tested view capture method with the raytraced viewport mode. as long as you have a way of knowing when the render is “finished”. the old fashioned render window blocks the current thread when it’s running, so it’s convenient.