Popup bar customization


I have my popup bar customized to get faster access to my most used commands.
The problem is that it keeps growing from time to time. When I press the middle mouse button the popup show up and then if you drag it from the top edge of this bar, you can get access to customized as an usual Rhino bar.
My question is… why I don’t get the layout I choose? I already had this problem a long ago in Rhino6 however got it to work well after some updates on my popub bar layout but now in Rhino7 after a few button adds,
I can’t get the proper layout defined to be used…
Any guess how I can solve this?

popup layout defining to be used next time I press middle mouse button:

and now… when middle mouse button pressed, I got this, much wider and fewer rows…

Many thanks :wink:

I think you can resize to box by it’s sides or corners to get what you want.—-Mark

Yes I can but the problem is that rhino does not keep the layout after I change it…

A segunda, 19 de abr de 2021, 18:47, markintheozarks via McNeel Forum <mcneel@discoursemail.com> escreveu:

If this is the case, then something seems to be wrong.
Rhino should definitely remember the format of the popup toolbar.
Did you have several instances of Rhino open, when you adjusted the popup toolbar?
Because Rhino saves the UI modifications of the last Rhino instance closed in this case.

Yes. Usually I use several instances when modeling however whenever I need to make changes to some configuration I close each one of the working files and make sure to change configs on the last one opened.
In this case I am positive that config should be working well because done changes on the last (and only instance available)

A terça, 20 de abr de 2021, 10:35, norbert_geelen via McNeel Forum <mcneel@discoursemail.com> escreveu:

Just a wild guess: you have three text labels (macro code 1, 2 and 3) I don’t know, are these oversized icons? Maybe these are the cause of the problem?
Have you tried assigning regular sized icons to these macros?

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Nice tip. In fact the text is bigger so it might be the problem. Going to try, thanks!

Mate… Love you! Yes it is… The problem Is the “MACRO CODE 1” text being much bigger than a single icon… that way the layout keeps CRAZY… replaced the text “MACRO CODE 1” to “M1” … and all the others like this as well… so now I have M1 , M2 , M3 , M4… working well :wink:

Thanks a lot, made my day! :sunny:

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Glad I could help.