Pop-up Command Details Dialog

So, when rhino for mac had their bigger update a month or so back where the command box and osnaps moved to the right side of the screen i quickly changed the setting back to having the tool pallet in a separate window, and have the command dialog pop up. so when I did a command, the details dialog would pop up separately.

due to a recent update, they got rid of that option. I can still have the command dialog pop up, but then do details dialog shows.

is there a way to keep that function of having a command detail dialog pop up separately?

hmm. i’m not entirely clear on what youre asking yet but it sounds like you want rhino set up in a similar way as i have it… (though i don’t have a tool palette in a separate window, i keep it in the left sidebar at 2 icons wide)

watch the (unrelated) video in the second post of this thread:


is that what you mean by ‘command dialog pop up’ accompanied by the ‘details dialog’?

if not, how would you like rhino to act in comparison to what you see in the video?