PointsOn VS SolidPtOn

Here’s something I’ve always wondered after using Rhino for several years. Why are PointsOn and SolidPtOn separate commands? From a programming perspective I can understand why you’d want to keep functions that affect two different data types separate. But intuitively they do the same thing.

For a few months back when I was first learning the program I thought you couldn’t even turn on points for poly-surfaces because of the message you get from trying to run POn on them.

Hello - they do very different things in that the ‘points’ provided are control points - of say the underlying surface - for PointsOn and vertex ‘points’ for solid points. Control points do not show for polysurfaces but solid points do show for single surfaces.


Either way, editing them makes for very different results.


That makes a lot of sense. I knew intuitively that the types of points being revealed by either command were different, but never really articulated that fact to myself.