Points on sphere with same distance

Hi, I want to create a sphere with points having the same distance on the survace of the sphere in every direction.
Can I do this with paneling tools?
Thanks for your help.

Have you tried an icosahedron?

I assume you want adjacent points to have equal spacing on the sphere. My recollection are a limited set of solutions for that problem, corresponding for special numbers of points. In general there are not solutions for arbitrary numbers of points.

RhinoPolyhedra has an extensive set of polyhedra, several of which have vertices on a sphere with equal spacing of the vertices. RhinoPolyhedra | Food4Rhino

Paneling Tools uses a rectangular grid of points, and is not suited to equal spacing on a sphere. The points will become closer near the poles of the sphere.

With Rhino 7, use the MeshSphere command and set Style=Triangle.

– Dale

With Subdivisions=1 the result has 42 vertices and are exactly equal distance from adjacent vertices. This is one of the special cases.

With Subdivisions greater than 1 the result does not have vertices which are exactly the same distance from adjacent vertices - close but not exact. Where the result is close enough depends on the use and its requirements.