Create Paneling grid on Sphere

Hello everyone, i want tor create a hexadome with paneling tools in Rhino.

How can i create a paneling grid with points who have all the same distance in all directions on a sphere?

By using surface domain number, the points on the grid are not in the same distance to each other.

Or how can i create a hexadome with paneling tools?

Any Ideas anyone?

Kind Regards Marvin

See Points on sphere with same distance

Is it a coincidence that two questions about using paneling tools to create equally spaced points on a sphere were asked at almost the same time?

Hi David,

It`s not a coincidence. We were both working on the same thing.

thanks for the reply! )

@Marvin This is not readily possible with PanelingTools because it uses rectangular grids. Other tools that are mesh based are more suitable to create equal triangles and hexagons on spheres. (see the replies in the linked thread above).