Divide the surface of a sphere equally by a set number of points

I’m very new to Grasshopper so it’s a bit of a struggle to find the bits I need to work quickly with some (seemingly) simple problems.

I want to be able to create a sphere of a given radius and populate the surface with a set number of points that are evenly distributed. In the the past I’d do this manually by using some kind of work around, probably creating some form of polyhedron with the set number of faces I’d then painstakingly find the centre of each face etc.

I’m playing around with @DanielPiker’s Grasshopper discussion from 2014 but I can’t seem to get an evenly spaced group? Ideally I’d like the surface accurately divided as if by way of intersecting hexagons so all of the points are perfectly distributed.

At the moment It seems that the pts/spheres move around fighting for space in or around the surface of the main sphere but it’s there or there abouts rather than perfectly distributed.

Any idea how I can go about this? Basically I want to be able to create a set number of rods/cylinders perpendicular to the face of the main sphere similar to a dandelion seed head.

Since there’s a very limited number of ways in which points can be distributed on a sphere such that the distance to each neighbour is exactly the same, you should probably start by picking which of the 5 platonic solids you wish to use as a guide.

Once you know that we can work on the angles and generate the points analytically.

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That’s how I would normally approach a problem like this, David but this time i wanted to be able to do it with a little more functionality. I’ve just worked out how to use the Grasshopper point distribution by DP… I’m quite new to GH so wasn’t quite sure what I was doing… I’ve sorted it.

Rather than pull points to the surface of a sphere though, I’m now trying to create a cylinder/plane perpendicular to the surface of the sphere that I can populate throughout the points generated…

Sadly I was more interested in drawing Ligers and eating tater tots in maths class…

I worked it out in the end… 99.99% of the work was done by DPs Grasshopper Kangaroo .gh though :slight_smile:


Hi 2DCube, I am a newbie in Grasshopper and I would like to learn what you did in Grasshopper (Equally distributing the sphere surface and generating a hole through). I would be grateful if you could share your grasshopper program so I can practice your technique.