Points On (F10) keyboard short cut doesn't work


Didn’t find the solution elsewhere. I’m using rhino on windows, but on a mac in bootcamp. Does’nt have problem before, until I reinstall my computer system. I have few friend who have the same problem and they have recent cumputer (mac too in bootcamp if I’m not wrong).

The short cut is well set in the Keyboard (proprieties), and YES, we use the fn keys to acess the F-- function. Actually, all the other F-- shortcup work except F10 and F11, so the Points On and Points Off.

Did someone have ever had this problem? Solutions?

Thanks in advance!

I see this all the time with students on Macs. You should be able to hold the FN key and press F10/F11 to get these shortcuts. I think the reason they don’t work has to do with an OSX assignment to these that the bootcamp drivers can’t get around in some set ups. Does holding FN work? I can’t tell if you are holding FN or if you just changed a setting.

Hi Zoe- there’s a setting in the Bootcamp control panel that may help -


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Thanks for reminding me @pascal I think that must be what I did years ago and then promptly forgot.

Thanks for your quick answers, but as I said the other F funtion work normally, as the F8 for the ortho mode,there’s no probelm with this one and the others. It’s only the F10 and F11 who’s bugging. Yes yes yes we are holding the FN…

And yeah, mac it’s a bit a lot of troubles, not my first choice unfortunatly… but yeah now we deal with it.

What happens if you either assign Points On to an open F-key or exchange the short cut with one that works?

F10 may be assigned to something else in another process running in the background? One time, Skype was hijacking one of my key macros.

And the F10 keyboard mapping in options isn’t changed from PointsOn is it?


Yeah this is what I do for now, but it’s a bit annoying as a solution… I’m really use to my old shortcut, and I quite find it stupid to learn new shortcut because there’s a bug somewhere… but if I find no solution I’ll probably just do that.


Thanks, that sound more like a possibility, I’ll try to look for something like that!