Keyboard shortcut f10 and f11 not working

Is it just my system? Latest V6 CR —-Mark

Hi Mark,
Works OK here in Version 6 SR30
(6.30.20246.16281, 9/2/2020)

Hello - are these correctly assigned in Options > Keyboard?




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Yes, I checked that . No big deal for now.

Hm. Have you closed and restarted Rhino? And do other shortcuts work?


I will wait for another service releato forum.txt (2.4 KB) se and see that changes anything. For now just typing PON. thank you. oh, and yes opened and closed since 2 days ago.

Hello - you can also try disabling VRay in Options > Plug-ins and then restarting Rhino - not likely to be it, but you never know.


Getting this when I go to options as well.

Also didn’t help when disabling Vray

here are the options

Hello - do the other shorcuts - F1, F2 etc work?

Can you try, with Rhino closed, renaming this folder temporarily -


then restart Rhino and see if it all works?

You’ll get a clean default Rhino starting with a new folder generated. (the renamed one will stay put so you can revert)


i think your on to it. No, the other keys don’t work. Still want me to rename that folder?

Hi mark - you can rename that folder or just the file inside it called


I do not know that it is the thing, but it may point to the problem if it behaves differently with default settings.


Sorry to be such a dunce, but you may have to tell me where to rename the folder you want renamed.
Would I go to the control panel or apps. I don’t do this everyday ( or ever) . Maybe I will learn something .

Hi Mark - if you open Windows Explorer and in the address bar, paste:

%APPDATA%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\settings and Enter


that folder should open. The file I mentioned above should be in that folder.

Any luck?


Is this the one? what do you want me to type?

Hi Mark - rename the top one - you can just add “_OLD” to the current name.



Anymore ideas? I followed your instructions
With no change.

OK - revert your settings file to the old one (close Rhino, delete the new settings file, rename the old one)
F-keys work in general on your system, correct? Just making sure it is not a busted keyboard or something external to Rhino…