Points on Curve - Construct Pipes

Hello Hoppers,

this is my first ever post in this forum, although it has been very helpful from time to time. Now I have a problem to which I couldn’t find an existing topic and for which help would be very much appreciated.
Actually I found the Solution to my Problem on the Website of TUDelft, an University in the Netherlands. Unfortunatley the would-be-helpful screenshot is in a definition, which I cannot decipher with my insufficient GH skills. Could anyone explain this solution and the applied logic in their own words and maybe provide the used components?


Source of this image is: http://wiki.bk.tudelft.nl/mw_toi-pedia/images/4/41/Points_on_curve.jpg

I don’t know if its okay to upload it and hope it won’t be taken down, as it pretty much explains perfectly what I need.

Thank you very much!

This could be another way.

TrussDemo_re.gh (11.8 KB)

Hi HS_Kim,
I just looked up the cull pattern component and it just might do the trick!
Hope my weave will work as expected, since I’m going to do a different pattern, but I think it’ll work. Will come back with news in a bit.

Thank you very much!