Sculpture project, issue with matching tree structure (I think)

param of points on curves (792.2 KB)

Hi All,

Im working on a sculptural installation for a friend involving a series of half mirror pannels hanging in an atrium but I’m having difficulty with a section of this script. I want to extract the parameters of points on a set of curves (hence crv closest point) and then use these to scale a set of panels proportionally. I think the problem lies in the re-sorting of the indexes in the list by the closest points component (number set to 1) this order is different from the closest point component that feeds it. I may simply be using the wrong logic entirely but It would be massively helpful is someone could take a look at the attached script and tell me where im going wrong.

Many thanks

Is this what you want?
param of points on curves (787.0 KB)

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Or this?
param of points on curves (788.5 KB)

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Brilliant, that works exactly how I would like it to work! I however dont quite understand how it works, Ive seen the col many component used a few times and understood how or why it works, but it seems to do what I need it to do. Your help has been very much appriciated here, if you have some extra time to explain how you did what you did i would be most greatful,

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Simple my friend! Lets say you have any list of data, in this case points. You also have curves. The colusion component checks which points touch physically which curve. And then you use that data to put these points at the same data tree branches as the curves themselves. So end result is curves and corresponding points sorted out properly.

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thank you so much for your help. Im putting another script up now as I have another problem, ive credited your help in this one though, many thanks again… Colin

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