Points on a surface Daniel Piker's GH

Can anybody tell me why this isn’t working, please?

I’m trying to populate the surface of a sphere with points but the sphere will have a pole welded to it so I don’t want points inside or near the pole. I’ve tweaked @DanielPiker GH which has been very useful. If you look at the attached file you can see that before the simulation runs the spheres are only populating the surface but when the simulation is running they fill the entire sphere.

I’ve tried trimming and shrinking the surface of a baked object and setting that brep for the calculation but it still doesn’t work.

Kinda going round in circles… Any ideas how I can constrain the spheres to the main surface?
point_distribution_on_sphere_Test.gh (19.7 KB)



I guess what I’m trying to do (or would like to do) is add a cylinder to the calculation which repulses the spheres so that I don’t have to bake superfluous curves which i’ll have to delete and renumber by hand…

point_distribution_on_sphere_Test2.gh (16.0 KB)

Hi Andy,

In your original file the points were kept on the sphere by springs of the same length attaching them to a fixed centre. This works for a full sphere, but for any other geometry it is usually easier to use a force to pull them directly onto the surface or mesh, as in the attached modified definition.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the original gh file, it’s been fantastic! I’ve managed to add a lot of functionality (not shown in that file) for a particular project, this addition has closed the loop on potential manual alterations should values change at a later date. It’s interesting to see the errors/gaps creep in by adding the cylinder. With a full sphere there are only a couple of points which are not equidistant, but with the cylinder many more gaps appear, I guess that’s just the nature of the the open edge of the surface rather than sphere’s on a sphere.

Thank you very much for the reply and thanks again for this really handy gh file!