Create Surface From Points

I’m having a problem in creating a new surface from points. I started from a sphere which I divided its surface, later on I moved some of those points using another point as an attractor. The outcome that i want is a new surface built by the points that remained unmoved and the ones that moved, but I’m unable to do so because grasshopper doesn’t know what to do with the void left between the two set of points. I’ve attached the GH file, as well as two screenshots: 1) with the outcome that I’ve ended up with 2) with the Points Cloud.
Also I’ve attached a render of let’s say the wanted outcome that i created manually in rhino (Don’t mind the ring around the surface).

sphererandom (14.5 KB)

This could be a way.

sphererandom (13.3 KB)

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And check this mesh version as well…

sphererandom (13.0 KB)


Thanks a lot! that’s exactly what I was hoping for…

Hi again,
I would like to ask one last thing if possible. Through the mesh version, what is the best possible way of creating a new mesh surface with 3 such rings with respectively 3 attractor points? (like the picture attached)

Check this out.

sphererandom (14.7 KB)


I have same issue to make surface from points list as below. My points have two layer top and bottom.
Please help me to create surface from these points

Points.3dm (250.6 KB)

You could do something like this, but it would be better to generate your points in a decently ordered fashion from the first place.
I don’t recommend this sort of reverse-engineered approach. (21.5 KB)