Points on a curve translated onto flat line maintaining distance

Hi there,

As a newborn to grasshopper, I have given myself a task to start learning: to make a tool that generates a simple cutting list (intended to be printed onto a3 card) for a gridshell created from any given curved surface input. I am aware kangaroo would be the best route to go for creating real, actual structurally efficient gridshells , but as this is just something to get me going with the basic tools in grasshopper, I would like to save kangaroo until abit later.

After several tutorials I achieved… something… that sortof works! However it is horribly made, I just did alot of things manually to compensate for being a rookie. I have attached it, please don’t judge.

The main isolated point I struggled with and was hoping for some advice about, was how to translate points from a curve onto a flat line, maintaining their distance from each other?

Also any other advice about this project would be great!