Flat surface to curved one

Hello everyone!

I’m currently trying to create a kind of shell from irregural curves.
What I’m trying to do is to move the central area point of a flat surface so that when I move it, the surface forms a shell with its central point being the top one.
I tried many things but with no success sadly so I ask you guys for a small help please.

Here are pics to explain that.

Thanks in advance. Flo

Have you tried modelling the curve surface first and then cutting it using your curves?
Your sketches don’t show clearly enough which parts should stay on the ground and which would be allowed to rise, or what should be the final form you’re looking for.

Hi Pietro_Pedone,

I tried cuting manually my curves but it doesn’t really do the dome effect I want.

And for the parts that should stay on the ground, I put them on red here. The orange point is the top point of the shell.


It seems to me that this is more a Rhinoceros question than a Grasshopper one. Have you tried the Cage and CageEdit commands?


Wow! I didn’t know this command! It’s really helpfull and this is exactly what i needed for this task.
Thanks a lot for your time and help! Have a nice weekend!

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