Grasshopper Kangaroo mesh modeling

Hey everyone,

I am trying to model these geometries on the right through Rhino but am having alot of difficulties, so I thought I can maybe use Kangaroo where the lines can be the anchor for the mesh, then the geometry gets push inward/outward without showing the edges in between them like I did in Rhino.

All the lines in the model are closed poly-lines but not sure how to go about them.

Anyhelp will be appreciated :slight_smile:

Kangaroo Grasshopper Quesiton.3dm (565.1 KB)

Here’s a way with Grasshopper. (17.3 KB)

The important part is making the starting mesh. Here I’ve just added a point in the middle of each curve and connected it to the edges with triangles, then subdivided and moved the inner points down.
I didn’t actually do any relaxation with Kangaroo here, since I think the approximate shape can be made quite simply, but of course one could use the final mesh here as input to an inflation simulation if you want to improve the shape.


Always amazing to get your prominent responses Daniel. Thank you so much. Its perfect

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