Problems Kangaroo "on curve"

Hey guys,
I am trying to do a form in grasshopper and I would like to create three openings. I use the component “on curve” from kangaroo for this, but it is not working really good. The big opening works good with the arc, but the other two openings are getting smaller when I increase the size of the catenary. Is there an other way to do something like that? (The lines are the size of the opening I would like to achieve)
Second question: Is there a way to change the model (big opening) in a way I showed in the second picture? (46.9 KB)


The points to pull must be points from the mesh. It looks like you are selecting points by dividing the boundary curve, which will only sometimes result in points coinciding with mesh vertices.

An easier way to get the naked vertices of a mesh grouped according to side would be to join the naked edges into a polyline, then use the SplitAtCorners component on this.

Also - just a general tip - I find Grasshopper definitions easier to use if things aren’t more spread out than necessary. Here everything is so far apart that moving between parts involves lots of scrolling or zooming in and out, which makes adjusting sliders relative to each other quite awkward.

Thanks for the quick reply, but unfortunately SplitAtCorners gives the same result like before

If you post the file I’ll take a look

I posted the file above

I mean where you tried unsuccessfully to use SplitAtCorners.

oh okay, it’s that one here (50.0 KB)

Like this: (5.2 KB)

I don’t know why but grasshopper doesn’t split my curvy boundary. Either it stays only one polyline or (with the angle of 0) it splits 150 segments (17.5 KB)

cool, thank you very much!