Points not visible

Sometimes when I draw points in Rhino, they are not visible and not get made. I keep clicking on various locations and nothing happens.
I checked the layers and all of them are visible. When I start a new file after facing this issue, the points get made. Anyone else faced this problem? What causes this issue?

Hi -

Are you perhaps using a display mode that doesn’t show points? What happens if you run SelAll after you create points that you don’t see?

No. This happens in shaded mode only. The next time it will happen I’ll try the selall command to take a closer look. I forgot to mention, I pressed the show objects bulb icon in the toolbar to see whether the geometry was getting hidden. Nothing was drawn as after pressing the show objects button, no points showed up.

Alright. So this problem occurred again. I ran SelAll command. The points were being made but they were invisible. I recorded the issue. The zip file contains the recording.

2020-09-18 11-15-00.zip (3.1 MB)

Please advise the solution.

I’m also attaching the file. There’s an issue in the file itself. LADYBUG SUNPATH PRACTICE.3dm (70.9 KB)

can you post a screen shot of tools>options>view>displaymodes>shaded and


Thanks for replying. I am not facing this problem these days.
Here are the screenshots.

Next time when I face this issue, I’ll go to these locations and check.