Rhino 6 - All objects invisible?

I’ve recently been trying to teach Rhino to a friend of mine, but have been having problems using his machine! He has an educational/evaluation of Rhino 6, I operate Rhino 5 usually and so am not sure if there’s some sort of odd setting I’m missing.

Basically, everything gets drawn invisible. If I draw a line I can see the start point, the line being projected to the cursor, etc, but as soon as I click the end point it disappears. When I drag a selection window across where the line should be, it shows up as dotted, and has round control points (I’m only used to square control points, and having them visible when I use the PointsOn command?).

This happens regardless of what view I am in or what viewport style is selected. For example, when I draw a box in a perspective view and turn shaded on, it shows surfaces without edges - even when I select the box!

This is totally perplexing me, I’ve gone through all of the various settings and preferences and nothing seems to make a difference. Running the safe mode version of it seems to work ok, but I can’t show anything shaded in this so not ideal for modelling 3D.

Any help much appreciated!!

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Hello - please try un-checking the setting in Options > View > OpenGL for ‘GPU Tessellation’. Does that make a difference?



That’s done the trick, thank you!