Invisible points

I’ve captured some points in another program and imported them into Rhino thru grasshopper (custom C# component).
For some reason the points are invisible. I’ve baked them into rhino, but i can’t see or drag select them. However, if I use Ctrl+A, they get selected, in the properties panel, it says 6 points as seen below

I’ve tried Ctrl+A and zoom select, but still nothing.
I’ve attached the rhino file with 6 invisible points.
Can someone tell me what’s going on?

Rhino Version: 6.7.18210.11281, 07/29/2018

Untitled.3dm (21.1 KB)

Hello - one of the points is in outer space, and it is messing up the display:

Point at (-8.58159e+32,0.000,0.000).


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Your visual “clue” is when moving your mouse around in the viewport that seemed to be blank, notice the coordinate display in the Status bar.
The X value would be HUGE.

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