Points in breps

I had a set of breps and the gradient of points (their centroids) controled by the curve. Now i need to select breps which includes those points, but I cannot figue it how. I tried cull pattern, dispatch, point in brep,… I think I have a mistake in the way how the data working?



points_in_breps.gh (14.9 KB)

You didn’t internalize geometry in the file you uploaded.


oh sorry, here you go

points in breps.gh (21.7 KB)
points_in_breps.3dm (83.6 KB)

Barbarian Flattening spotted !

If you keep the tree structure, you don’t need to first cull points then associate the breps, you can cull the Breps right away.

points in breps.gh (19.2 KB)

Thank you! I thought that the solution which I am missing will be quite easy :slight_smile: