Select Point in Brep (true-false to point)

Hi guys,

I am trying to select points in brep but I am stuck at this point.

Points in Brep function give me values true and false, but I want to extract points which is only true ones.

So, I need the points which inside the brep. (10.8 KB)


Always a pity when a plugin is used unnecessarily. And your geometry is not internalized,

In general though, feed True/False values to Cull Pattern to filter the points.

I found the solution guys, I wanna share it with you, maybe you need help in the future. (8.3 KB)

You didn’t understand what I posted. :frowning:

Your geometry is still not internalized and you are still using Lunchbox Grid Structure when it’s not necessary. If you must use Lunchbox, you could internalize its output for those who don’t have (and don’t want) the plugin. I see you used Dispatch instead of Cull Pattern