Culling curves within Breps

Hi everybody,

I’m having trouble with the following operation:
My aim is to cull a set of curves that fall within a set of Breps.

I’ve tried Brep Curve Intersecion, Shape in Brep, using the middlepoint of the curves, but no result.

I can’t seem to figure out why the operations aren’t working as expected even though the cruves clearly fall completely within the Breps.

Help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. (327.8 KB)

You’ll want to graft the Brep input to the Shape In Brep component. (328.1 KB)


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Thank you so much Kevin, that didn’t seem logical to me for some reason. I thought I wanted to cross-reference ALL curves and ALL Breps and that therefore grafting wouldn’t be the right solution. Pretty sure I tried it though, must have done something wrong. Thank you so much for your help!

Hi Kevin,

seems I cheered to soon, I can only manage to cull to the 52 curves within the Breps.
My aim was to delete those curves from the original list of 192 curves.

If I try to inverse the result (by using the DOES NOT EQUAL output), I’m left with 2252 resulting curves, so a lot of duplicates, including curves within the Breps.

I also tried inverting the cull pattern and changing the B input of the Equality component to 2, but ws left with the same result. Could you advise on how to proceed in this last step?

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I got the desired result by culling by means of the curve midpoints!

However, this feels like an extra, unnecessary step, that could be avoidable by better data management in the start of the procedure.

Could you advise on a more direct way on attaining this result?

Thank you for all the help and insight!

Here’s a couple of ways to isolate the curves that are not contained in any of the breps in your file. (336.1 KB)

There are certainly other ways (likely some better).


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