[Question} Brep in Point Producing Unwanted Results for Pattern

I essentially want to select breps that have specific points inside them. I have a list of breps and a list of points. Some of those breps have points inside them. I want to be able to transform those breps with points inside them. I am currently trying to use Point in Brep to get a list of true/false values to use as an index to cull the original list of breps. However, I am getting all false values even though the points all exist inside the brep. Im assuming its testing the point to the wrong brep. How can I create an association between the breps and the points that occupy them?
TP_Skin.gh (17.4 KB)

here is a solution using closest point

TP_Skin_re.gh (20.0 KB)

That same methodology works with point in breps

This puts the breps back into their respective branches.


Thanks so much, this makes more sense now.

No Problem!

Collision is another component that works in this case as well.