Points as List: Display nth number


I am using Points to List to sequence and list points on a GPX trace. I have 156 points in this particular example and thus, numbers 0 to 155.

What do I need to add to my description to only show the nth number based on a number slider?

Ideally, I would like to show every 32nd number only.

please attach your gh file with internalized geometries whenever possible :slight_smile:

I think you can’t use point lists to do that, because it will just create progressive tags

I’d go for a text tag and a serie, something like this (replace the Point parameter with your List)

tag_on_point_every_nth.gh (13.5 KB)

[edit: added x+1 expression on Series->Count as it always starts from 0]

Hi Inno,

Thank you - this works!

I have a couple of questions:

  • Is there a way to specify a fixed text size? The text seems to automatically generate a size depending on the level of zoom. Additionally, it adds a border behind it which I’m trying to remove (see attached PDF for baked outcome).
  • I’ve used the same description to represent another data set on the line which works - however, it prints the number of rows rather than the data itself. How can I change it?

Untitled.pdf (209.8 KB)

those are baked in Rhino as Dots, which are text-tags always oriented toward the camera
you can select them in Rhino, and in the Properties tab there is a Size that you can manually change

in alternative you can use TextTag3D in gh, which -when baked- will produce the equivalent of classic Rhino Text (you’ll need to provide a plane where the text lies, as text is planar)

the numbers you see in the Panel before your data are the Indices of each item, you can hide those by right clicking on the panel and deselecting Draw Indices:

It appears to still draw the paths - I suspect that this is because we are using list length to determine the spacing of the numbers? It seems like it needs a translator to change it from displaying the path rather than the index

Thank you so much for your help.

are you sure you are using the output of Series as input T of the TextTag3D? :slight_smile:

textTag3D_on_point_every_nth.gh (13.5 KB)

Hi Inno,

I’ve checked and I’m sure I have it set up the same.

I’ve uploaded my grasshopper file below and the CSV file I’m sampling. Its rather complex. I tried to simplify the description but I broke it in the process so have uploaded the original.

Here are 5 screenshots that hopefully summarize the crux of the issue. I apologies that the csv values are different - I cant remember which file I sampled this morning.

Screenshot 1: there are 4506 indexed values in my CSV that get plotted along a line using Text Tag.
Screenshot 2: my description set up to only display the Nth number of samples. I have chosen to sample every 5 out of 4506.
Screenshot 3: when set up as you describe, it samples every 50 correctly, but shows the index rather than the paths
Screenshot 4: if I feed the CSV directly into the text tag, it displays the paths as I want, but the sampling is incorrect. it just prints the first 50 values. The remaining 4,456 samples are bundled up at the end (screenshot 5).
Screenshot 5: I right clicked on the CSV panel to ‘draw paths’, yet this still doesn’t show the paths along the line.

231024 Tiergarten VDIST and SOUND reader.gh (44.6 KB)
VDIST-1 6.CSV (63.7 KB)

not able to open your file correctly because another file called gpx_01.gpx is missing

anyway, even without the real data flowing, I think the problem lies on the thing that you are filtering the Nth point, but not also filtering the Nth string simultaneously

so I have added a second List Item that will pick also the Nth string from the list of strings, and I believe when you open the file in your PC it should work :+1:

be aware you also have to connect the circled TEXT parameter to the T input of the component you’re using for creating text!

231024 Tiergarten VDIST and SOUND reader_Re.gh (32.5 KB)

regarding this, I gave you wrong advice, sorry for that
I believed you wanted to change the way data was displayed just on the yellow Text Panel: removing the index will not do any change to the data flowing through the panel

Hi Inno,

This worked! Thank you so so much.

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