Display item index in the Rhino viewport

I’m looking this video here and he’s constructed spheres with indexes in them:

I know a Rhino “Dot” can contain text, but Grasshoper dots can apparently only be colored? So that’s why he draws spheres and something called “text tag”, I guess… weird inconsistency.

Anyway, regardless of if I have a “tree” of points or “list” of points, how can I draw the index number of that point at the location of it? He uses “cluster” which I can’t find, but also prints a X, Y index whereas I’d like to also be able to see a N index…

I’m trying to learn how to manipulate trees/lists and it’s terribly confusing at the moment and I’m sorry but I don’t know the correct terminology either.

Good news: See attached - rather very easy with code.

Ugly news: In order to make any TextDot you like … you need to know how to code.

TextDot_entryLevel_V1.gh (120.8 KB)

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You could also use some plugin features like elefront.

TextDot_re.gh (9.4 KB)


Thanks you!

When it came to the dot replacement, I did find that luckily the Grasshopper dots and text tags were z-sorted in a good way…

And sorry, @PeterFotiadis though your answer was impressive, it was actually the item indexing itself I was after and @HS_Kim showed me how to do that (sorry, I’m quite new at this and I did mention I didn’t have the terminology down yet). :sweat_smile:

Well … indeed … but that was just a simple TextDot demo. As I said you can display anything available … provited that you can modify a few lines of code.

So this Method (or some variation) goes with portions of any code and is used accoding the occasion.

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