Conversion text to number

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Hi GHs,

I´m stranded with a text to number problem. Managed to export 65 points from a Rhino file to an Excel CSV file. Then Text Split in GH making a, supposedly, orderly list of 65 rows each one showing xyz coordinates in sub-groups. After that the Numbers to Points component going red; “Data conversion failed from Text to Number”. What is the problem?

Or, is there another way bring in the Rhino points? I tried Set multiple Points from GH and selected all in Rhino but only got one, the 0,0,0 origin.

Grateful for any suggestions to help out,



You have to remove the curly braces from the text. And whitespace characters too.

P.S. OH! You have curves mixed in with your list of points. That won’t fly.

Numbers to Points2

Numbers to Points3
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