Point_List Component has a Bug

Hello everyone
Point_List Component has a Bug(Grasshopper 1.00004)

Set the size parameter is not displayed

Point List is supposed to draw the list index numbers, not the point symbols. Is the number not visible at all?

Yes, when s ! = 0, the number not visible at all.

number not visible.gh (4.1 KB)


Text rendering has been overhauled in Rhino6, and it was broken at various points. It may still be broken on certain set ups. Which Rhino6 version are you running and can you see any other text? For example with regular Rhino annotations, textdots, etc.

rhino version:(6.1.18030.17371, 01/30/2018)
all text is not displayed.

Thanks, I’ll inform the text-drawing experts as this seems to be a wider problem.

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Can you test annotations in Rhino directly? No Grasshopper at all, just the _DimLinear and _Leader and _TextDot commands.

rhino is ok.

Hi David
I found this version of rhino6.0 .18016.23451 text can be displayed.After the upgrade version will not work.
My software is Chinese version.

You may want to try the latest SR3 Release Candidate. Text drawing was rewritten for this service release.