Point clouds in Rhino - poor performance


I wrote an email to tech.eu@mcneel.com but I was told to create a forum post with my issue, so here we go:

I am evaluating the Rhino 7 now and I have run into one major problem - poor performance with relatively small point cloud. It is especially problematic for me because my company specializes in delivering data from point cloud.

I was told that in Rhino there was no software limit for models and point clouds and the only limitation is my computer, which I consider to be quite powerful. Its specification is as follows:

Unfortunately, after importing point cloud from a laser scanner, Rhino starts to freeze/lag. While Revit and Recap handle the original point cloud without problems, Rhino has trouble working with the resampled cloud.

Original point cloud: +500 000 000 points, ~20 GB on disk (Recap project)

Resampled to distance between points of 1 mm, 350 000 000 points, 6.5 GB on disk (e.57) ← this one freezes

Resampled to distance between points of 5 mm, 66 000 000 points, 1.2 GB on disk (e.57) ← this one works ok

In my email to tech support, I also shared a link with point clouds but I don’t want to do this in open forum. If someone from McNeel would like to investigate the problem I can share it again.

I would be grateful for any help with my problems. So far, I find Rhino to be a really good piece of software, but this bottleneck with point clouds may shade all other benefits since it is critical for my business.

Kind regards


Just linking some topics that may be pertinent

Thank you for your answer and the links you provided. I read them and it looks promising. I will run some test according to the new information I obtained from these topics and come back with new questions.

I think you may be able to get some good info / discussion going with Mr @Terry_Chappell as well.