Point order problem in multiple geometries

I need your help in this situation.

I have these curves different length. This is just one.

I am dimensioning like this.

It’s my grasshopper algorithm.

I can do whatever I want for one geometry but I wanna work with multiple geometries but this algorithm doesn’t work because of the different point order of every geometry.

When I worked with multiple geometries, I had this problem.

Then I realized that point orders are different

How can I fix this problem?
I wanna same point order every geometry. Please help me…

GH DEFINITION FILE:point order problem for multiple geometry grasshopper definiton.gh (6.0 KB)

RHINO FILE:point order problem rhino.3dm (42.1 KB)

It’s really unlikely you’ll get any help if you don’t attach your definition (with meaninful data internalized).

Seems like you are having problems with trees data management, maybe some “flatten” and/or “graft” will solve for you…


I am new here. Sorry, i forgot to add my files. I added now. You can find my files end of my first entry.

Every geometries which is in this file are closed curve. So i think, it’s not flatten problem. Why are point orders changing even i use “sort points along curve”? I really don’t understand.

I hope i can find a solve here.

You forgot to “graft” the “C”(Curve)input of Sort Along Curve.

point order problem for multiple geometry grasshopper definiton_re.gh (12.0 KB)

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Your curves in rhino have all a different start point.
You need to adjust the “seam” of your closed curves so your notations will works the same with every curve.
Top is before, bottom is after adjusted seam.

Use a different “far point” if you need a different start point.

Then you also need to fix curve direction, like HS_Kim did.

Also see this:
uniformize curve dir + seam.gh (8.0 KB)


Two method of you is working!

Thank you for everything!

I have dimensioned my curves with “Graft”.