Trouble creating meshes from points

I was following this tutorial here and had a bit of trouble creating meshes from points, i don’t know why it happened, but they just don’t show. I’m still new to the software, so don’t know how to fix it. Hope to get some help! I’ll be uploading the grasshopper and the rhino file, so any of you can see what’s going on, and images of how it’s supposed to be// how is my project so far. (8.7 KB) meshRC.3dm (45.8 KB)

sorry, this is the tutorial link: Tutorial: Vaults From Flat Bricks with Rhino and Grasshopper - YouTube

Your base curves are not consistent in directions which makes the inconsistent mesh normal directions.
If you unify the directions of your curves, you can get unified mesh normals. (10.1 KB)

or like this:

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What do you mean by “curves not consistent in directions”?

an how it was supposed to be? i drew again, they all starting in the center point, doing the same rotarion and nothing hapened. here’s the files: (7.3 KB) meshRC_NGON2.3dm (29.2 KB)

If you want to join the meshes, you can flatten the input

I think the way @Baris shows above is a simpler way of doing this though.

Or even simpler still is to draw the large quads as meshes directly and subdivide them

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