Creating a mesh with points from the outside of a pointcloud

I did a fluid simulation with the Flexhopper Plugin and received a point cloud from it. Now I´m trying to create a mesh just from the points on the outside.

Is there a smart way or a plugin which can do that?

Thank you

Can you post a Rhino file of your pointcloud?

Yes, sorry

Fluid (35.8 KB)
Fluid 01.3dm (189.6 KB)

You can use Kangaroo to sort of shrink wrap a mesh around your points. Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for? There are a few other solutions on this forum you might find them with the search function.

Fluid 01.3dm (380.8 KB) (42.8 KB)

Thank you!! This is helping a lot.

I actually thought about something like this but I’m not that good with kangaroo yet.

As the geometry gets more complicated I`m not 100% sure if this solutions still works.
Do you maybe have an idea or two for what I could look for in the forum? I’ve tried it but haven’t found the right solution yet, which is why I started this new topic.