Creating a mesh with points from the outside of a pointcloud

I did a fluid simulation with the Flexhopper Plugin and received a point cloud from it. Now I´m trying to create a mesh just from the points on the outside.

Is there a smart way or a plugin which can do that?

Thank you

Can you post a Rhino file of your pointcloud?

Yes, sorry

Fluid (35.8 KB)
Fluid 01.3dm (189.6 KB)

You can use Kangaroo to sort of shrink wrap a mesh around your points. Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for? There are a few other solutions on this forum you might find them with the search function.

Fluid 01.3dm (380.8 KB) (42.8 KB)

Thank you!! This is helping a lot.

I actually thought about something like this but I’m not that good with kangaroo yet.

As the geometry gets more complicated I`m not 100% sure if this solutions still works.
Do you maybe have an idea or two for what I could look for in the forum? I’ve tried it but haven’t found the right solution yet, which is why I started this new topic.

Sorry for reviving this old topic, but the proposed approach is also exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, on both Rhino6 and Rhino7 I can’t open the attached completely, since it complains about missing “TriRemesh” and “Multipipe” components and also won’t let me install them (since I guess they are now already standard functions).

@martinsiegrist Is there any chance you could provide an updated version for Rhino7?

Those components should already be there in Rhino 7. You probably just need to get the latest service release.
(Also, if you have a Rhino 7 license, you can get the 8 WIP and use the new Shrinkwrap command).

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The files above run in Rhino 7 without any additional plugins.

What Rhino version are you using?

Version 7 SR26, fresh install.


Edit: After closing Rhino and doing something else for a while, it now seems to load the file :face_with_monocle:! Sorry for the confusion.

Edit2: @martinsiegrist What kind of curve input does this method expect?

Good to know, I’ll give that a try. :slight_smile: