Point Selection in Point Cloud

Can I request that the ‘select’ for points (point clouds specifically) selects the point closest to the viewer when looking through a dense point cloud?

Presently, the point selection tool (for example when using CurveThroughPt) has a frustrating tendency to select a point furthest away from the viewer IE the deepest point as opposed to the closest point.

In Cloudcompare, this problem doesn’t exist, the point you want to select is the one closest to you and makes perfect sense.

This would make point-cloud usability 100% less frustrating in Rhino. = Thanks!

Try using a ClippingPlane to clip out the visibility of the points furthest back.

Good Tip, thanks I’ll give it a go, but a real nuisance if you’re dealing with thousands of points - IMO it’s still a bug really.

Why would you ever want to snap to the pointcloud?

We use point clouds from scans for framework geometry. This geometry, we use to create curves from using tools like curve from points in order to create surfaces.

We need to snap to pointclouds all the time.

I model various buildings using pointclouds and never in my life I’d want to snap to the pointcloud itself. If I start doing that, my geometry would be so “dirty” it’d make me vomit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Right. Thanks for your contribution, you obviously have a different need to me.

Another example is when using the measure tool, if you want to measure distance between one point in a point cloud and another, the same ‘snap’ bug exists.

It will often ‘snap’ to the deepest point in the cloud rather that the shallowest/closest.

So, perhaps you’re misunderstanding what I mean by snap? As using a measurement tool in a point cloud must be one of the most basic requirements ?

Again, in other point cloud editing software, this select/snap problem doesn’t exist.

Hi Vanessa,

Just a quick thanks for suggesting clipping planes, this makes life a lot easier.

It’s still a very clunky way to ensure the correct point gets snapped to, but better than nothing! Thanks again.


I’m glad ClippingPlanes is helping!

Hmmm… well, I’m not an expert in this particular area, but as far as I can see, whenever you snap to a point and it ends up being on the other side of the point cloud, it’s because you actually clicked on that point, that’s where your mouse was closest to.

Do you have any suggestions on making this better?


Yes, when there is an area of ‘dither’ make the point to snap to the closest one to the viewpoint, not the one deepest, which 99 times out of 100 is the one it chooses.

For example, I made a plane which I wanted to select points closest to that plane, and many many times when clicking a desired point, it would select one that wasn’t even visible through the plane at the bottom of the stack of the point cloud.

I’m not being silly, this problem really doesn’t exist in other pointcloud programs such as cloudcompare, it assumes you meant to click the point closest to your viewpoint, not one a few thousand other points below you viewpoint … it kind of makes logical sense!