Slice Pointcloud by Plane

I have been segmenting pointclouds using ;

Command: _Pointcloud
Select points ( Add Remove UsePointColors=Yes ): _Select
Select points ( Add Remove UsePointColors=Yes ): points
Select points ( Add Remove UsePointColors=Yes ): _Remove
Select point cloud ( Output=PointCloud )
Select points to remove ( Output=PointCloud ): _lasso

Is there a way of using a Plane to select points, to create a thin slice of pointcloud, instead of Lasso ?
Being able to set a selection “thickness” from the plane would also be a huge bonus.


Hi Mike, is the goal to extract the points to a new point cloud ‘slice’?


Hi Pascal,

Hi Mike - see how this works for you - (2.4 KB)

@Mike_A This one has a different workflow - allows preselection and offers more ways to specify the plane: (3.7 KB)

@Mike_A - updated to preserve colors and normals, if any.

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"

The ‘SeekDepth’ option sets how far from the plane to look for points… so plane ‘thickness’ is twice this - not sure how best to present that.


Hi Pascal,
That works, but the pointcloud loses all of its colour (RGB) values (turns black).

Yeah, next step… I was trying to get out of work.
@Mike_A - is this better? I do not have any colored clouds just handy… (2.4 KB)


You can select thin slice of points with SelBox command.

Thanks Andrew,
But a Plane would be the best option. This way I can split the pointcloud from an existing 3D model.

Hi Mike - I think the version a couple of posts up will keep color - can you verify?


Hi Pascal,
Thank you, it now works with colour.