Point Cloud Section settings Rhino 6

Newb to Rhino, point clouds.

I am trying to create point cloud sections (due today) and I’m getting an error that my settings return too few points. The point cloud contains 50620494 points. I have a jpg that illustrates what I’m trying to do.

The scan is from a real world location, so I don’t know how to measure points in the cloud, but I expected my settings would be large enough to allow Rhino to process.

I’m trying to build section curves across the point cloud in order to reconstruct a mesh/geometry from the point cloud. Attempts to mesh the entire cloud have been unsuccessful (hours long).



Hello - please post the file here or to tech@mcneel.com if it is confidential. If it is huge, please upload via



Will do, thx

zip file uploaded to rhino3d.com/upload

Hello - the smallest distance between points in this cloud seems to be about 50 units, roughly - so the ‘Distance from plane’ would need to be in that order of magnitude to get any useful results.


I will give that a shot, thank you!settings_20190204

These settings also fail. Will try increasing tolerance.

OK, I am seeing curves for the cross sections on the point cloud. FYI I had to change viewport to Top instead of Perspective. There is still an error, but I might be able to sort that out on my own. My deliverable today is a picture showing a cross section with the point cloud, so I might have what I need.

Many thanks!