Point Cloud Section Issue

I have a fairly large point cloud where I want to make a section at several locations. In the WIP, the Curve-Point Cloud Section command takes way too too long to produce the sections compared to V5. In this case, V5 is somewhat slow but, the current WIP is easily 4~5 times slower. I’d gladly upload the file in question for a look see. Just let me know where and how to send it.


ZIP it and use this page to upload it:

Please include this URL in the comments:

I uploaded it last night. There are 3 point cloud scans in the file, 1 might be already displayed. Try it out with either the EV_Scan Exterior or the AV Scan Exterior. Thanks

Hi Art4me - I saw your file and timed point cloud sections in V5 and 6 and got very nearly the same time - it’s a long time, admittedly, but the point cloud has 80 million points, if I read that right. How long are you seeing? I get a little over two minutes for each, V5 and 6/WIP.


It seems like I have to keep rebooting my system after each update on the WIP. Now it is behaving. I guess, in the future, I’ll do that 1st before writing anything to you all! Sorry t bother you.

No problem - I’m glad it’s working…