PointCloudSection for only a section of the point cloud

I am trying to take a point cloud section of a large site but I really only want a portion of the point cloud. I thought that by creating finite length sections, this would be taken care of, but Rhino instead extrapolates beyond the section to create a cross-section line passing through the whole site:

I tried portioning out the part of the point cloud that I am interested in with clipping planes:

But it still extrapolates to the clipped out part of the point cloud.

Any ideas?

How much experience do you have with Rhino?

Do you have experience with other 3D software? If so are you assuming that experience is relevant to Rhino?

What Rhino commands have you used?

I am referring to the PointCloudSection command specifically.

Anyone else have any ideas about constraining the extent that PointCloudSection operates on for a given point cloud?

It sounds like you want PointCloudSection to have an option similar to Section for ExtendSection=Yes or No. That would be useful.

I could always explode my point cloud and regroup it based on what I want sectioned, but the colors of the point cloud always seem to get permanently altered when I do this.