Import a PNG transparent background picture


When I place a png with a transparent background into Rhino 5 with pictureframe command
It comes with a white background, even though in Photoshop it is transparent.
Is it possible to import a PNG, or JPG, or PDF to Rhino 5 still keeping the transparent background ?


Yes. Once you start the PictureFrame command, and you have chosen your image, but BEFORE you set it in the Rhino window, you will see some command line options. One of them will be AlphaTransparency, set that to Yes. Suggest you always set EmbedBitmap to yes as well so the image is saved with the file.

JPEG’s do not support alpha channels so you will not get transparency with a jpg. PNG works fine.

HTH, --Mitch


thank you very much !!


Where is this option? I have Rhino 5, but I don’t see the option “alphatransparency”…

(Wim Dekeyser) #5

When you call the command you are asked to find a file. In that dialog box, select a file and click Open. In your command line you will now see the options. If you have clicked once in the viewport to set the first corner, you will only have two options left on the command line so you need to set that option before clicking.


It’s not there I swear :s

(Brian James) #7

It should be here… I used PictureFrame and Rhino 5 SR12

Here’s a sample png with an alpha channel as well to test


Another possibility is to set the transparency afterwards:


I believe that ‘Trans’ slider will affect the entire image, not just the alpha channel.


You are right of course.
The transparency slider, set to 1%, helps to get the same effect after placing the image without setting the flag.
Just in that case.


I’m having a problem where even when I set the alpha flag to yes, it still renders a white background. Yes, it is a PNG file, so I don’t know what the issue is.


Does the PNG itself have transparency in the alpha channel? Setting the flag in Rhino only tells it to use the alpha channel that is already in the image, it does not alter the image itself.