Plugin or technique for snow: ideas?

Anybody have a simple method that with very little time and effort one could create a (maybe a bit crappy looking) snow effect. Like particles with gravity that pile up.

Drape is close but ins’t quite working. because it fills in areas where snow shouldn’t reach and the walls are too vertical.

Hi Ryan,

I think you’d really need a particle system that is also integrated with a rendering engine to produce a good snow effect. Rhino only has a developing particle system add-on for Grasshopper called Kangaroo that may be able to do something like this but I’m not sure if it would work presently. The resulting geometry would also need to be baked out and then assigned a material from the rendering plugin you are using. This will produce a very heavy file just for the snow. The simplest solution to get something close is to model the surfaces that are snow areas and then use displacement in Rhino 5 with a tightly tiled granite texture. This will produce the fractured look of small flake structures. Then assign a white material with some reflectivity and gloss within the rendering plugin you use.