How would one go about creating this?

Is there a way to get textures on multiple objects without assigning them one by one, on a project like this would take a lifetime.

And is there something like particles to place all the rocks?..

bump :)…

Nope, but you could use Grasshopper to make the random arrangement of existing textured meshes. These copies won’t be render instances though which will add time to any ray tracing. You could also try ApplyDisplacement which may be sufficient from a distance.

Displacement is the way for sure, it will take longer than you want but in the end you will extract render mesh and be so happy with your weird bumpy thing. I’ve done it.

yeah, if only some developer with too much time on its hand would develop a program for this stuff, displacement wont get you the results like in the image above unless rhino or vray starts supporting vectordisplacements, which would be awesome, Hey @matt_newberg how you doing :)…i really dont want to learn grasshopper, i tried it a couple months ago or maybe about a year now, i forgot everything, just too weird for me, im used to buttons that tell you what they do, not x * y - whatever stuff,…

Take a look at vue from
They specialize in landscape visualization.

An example with some stones, from the gallery:
"Island Days" by Daniel Respaud

I think you could do it with maxwell too.

There are some good suggestions here but just for fun here’s using default Rhino 5 and displacement.


thats actually a better result than i thought though i can clearly see the difference, if youre going for photorealistic you want the upper image as a result.
The question was merely hypothetical so im not going to buy anything, was just wondering if i overlooked some functions or plugins to do this so im not going to buy any of those suggested programs unless if there was a plugin, i allready have vray for rhino, was just wondering if this was possible inside rhino,…

Brian, that looks great. Where did you get the map?

Just a quick image search for pebbles… but the trick is to make a new grayscale version with adjusted contrast and added blur for the displacement texture. The original image then goes in the color channel of the material.

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