Plugin conflict, Peters Tools vs AutoDesk Shape Modeling

I’ve become a big fan and avid user of Peters Tools. I find his version of Set Pt works for me with fewer clicks but when I load AutoDesk Shape Modeling toolbar then the Peters Tool Set XYZ buttons no longer work. Shame to give up one nice feature for another plugins advantages. Any ideas?

In what way to they not work?
What type of macro’s are executed by those buttons?
What does the commandline say when trying those buttons.



 I was sure I had seen the behaviour that I mentioned in this thread in the past. I have had a fairly recent install of Rhino on a new SSD drive and had not added the AD Shape plugin and had been setting points, lines and surfaces merrily for months with Peters Tools. I had some tasks that called for Shape and installed it and then noticed the -setz and its fellow set buttons not calling up the commands. After reading your reply this morning, I opened a fresh instance of Rhino5 to see just what is shown in the command line and lo and behold, they are working as expected. I then tried a AD Shape function and noticed that it doesn't seem to load until called into service and there was a long wait for it to load. I was sure that now that AD Shape was loaded that I would see the interference but Peters Tools are still working just fine. Thanks for you interest and I'm back in the saddle for now but maybe the restart sorted things out. Maybe it was a restart on my own personal GPU (long nights sleep) that did the trick! 

Thanks again

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