Plug-In to calculate or simulate the process of additive manufacturing with Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing technology?

Dear Grasshopper community,

I would like to ask you if there is any application for Grasshopper or which work independently to measure the manufacturing time with help of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing technology?

For my Thesis, time should be a parameter for the optimization of the structure. My Structure is in lattice form and the density of the form changes in order to get a good utilization of the materials. So analytical calculation will be useless. See the following picture:

I am looking forward to your advising and many thank in advance.

Kind regards.

Is Manufacturing Time = (Material Volume x Deposition Rate) + traverse time?

The deposition rate might be a linear measure like feed rate i.e. Xmm/min in which case you would use (length of machining path x feed rate) + (traverse length x rapid feed rate)

You might be able to get a reasonable estimate from your geometry as it seems to resemble the toolpath but perhaps you need to use a plugin like Silkworm to generate some sort of toolpath which you can then multiply by feed rates to get a manufacturing time estimate.