So I added a script for fabrication. The model geometry is not being displayed in components in the square. Any suggestions to correct the warnings? The geometry is divided - one arrangement for ceiling and the second for the conical spiral.
2_fabrication.gh (529.6 KB)
At this point to Laser cut the prototype is my best option. Happy for any help


  1. You didn’t internalize your geometry.

  1. If I set a point for the Point component, your file generates geometry, but I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to accomplish.

Why are you feeding geometry through a text panel? And what is this other code supposed to be doing?


That is my fabrication script. I am trying to collect the data from the grasshopper model to unroll and arrange into parts for printing.

I wanted to divide them into pieces to cut/print and number the pieces

like this but in a rectangle grid.


This is the geometry produced by the file you uploaded:

I don’t see anything that looks even remotely like this:

This is what your geometry looks like when it is unrolled:

The spiral shaped brep unrolls into the 8 blue surfaces (2 spiral shapes, 2 long strips, and 4 small rectangular shapes).

The cone shaped spiral is a single untrimmed surface and unrolls into the red shape.

The disk shaped object unrolls into the 4 purple shapes (2 disks and 2 strips).

Not sure how you’re going to fabricate anything from this, good luck.


Not good. Could you suggest another approach? to getting pieces, perhaps cutting the spiral into 4 and the conical form into vertical slices?

The cone shaped spiral piece is a surface. You will have to give it some thickness if you want to use it for fabrication.

If you’re wanting to laser cut this, you’ll have to come up with a way to slice it into flat planar pieces that you can cut out and assemble.

You could 3d print the flat pieces directly if you have a printer big enough to get the scale you want. Otherwise you could slice them into pieces, but you will have to come up with a plan for how you’re going to assemble the pieces after printing. You might need to incorporate joints or connectors into your design. The cone shaped spiral will be a challenge to print because even after slicing it up the parts won’t sit flat on the print bed.


Hi Kevin,
Thanks. I did extrude this. I see it is not reading to suggest this. Any suggestions on how to begin the script to cut the flat spiral into four pieces?

You extruded a curve. The result is an untrimmed surface.

This will split the spiral shaped brep into 4 closed breps.

split_spiral.gh (84.1 KB)

The inner part of your spiral has some defects you will need to fix.


Hi Kevin,
Thanks so much. This is what I was trying for. Do you mind giving come insight? I think this way would be much easier to print because I will have pieces that I can number. Happy for any help

This will split your spiral brep into 26 parts along the planes shown.

split_spiral2.gh (79.5 KB)


Thanks so much Kevin. The final part-the conical spiral would a script that divides horizontally do?


split_cone_spiral.gh (14.8 KB)


Thanks again Kevin. I need to arrange them in order of parts in a rectangular grid and number them. Can I add the arrange and number tools to both scripts? Like this- the model has to have the same numbers.


Give it a try and lets see what you come up with.


I working on it now. I keep getting the errors. I will continue. I have a class now so I may drop off for a few. Thanks so much. You were a great help.

Hi Kevin,

Here is what I came up with. The parts seem flat and are not in a rectangular array. Also the numbers are not showing on the parts. I’ve been at this for hours solved several issues but not quite there.
Happy for any help.


split_arranged.gh (600.1 KB)

I tried to open this file and rhino/grasshopper went unresponsive, looked like it was busy doing something. I waited for 5 minutes before I terminated Rhino. I disabled the solver and was able to load your file. Looks like the same code you posted before that didn’t work. I disabled the Unroll and Arrange clusters in your file and was able to re-enable the solver without freezing grasshopper.

Please try to explain to me what the components I circled here are supposed to be doing:

I thought we established yesterday that unrolling your breps was not going to give you anything useful for what you’re trying to do. You can’t re-assemble a spiral from surfaces that have been laid out flat.

I looked at your geometry again and I think you would be better off splitting this spiral brep with a divided curve instead of just splitting it into quadrants. It produces more uniformly sized pieces.

Here’s your spiral brep split into quadrants, numbered, and arranged:

And here’s the same spiral brep split by a divided curve, numbered, and arranged:

These files both use the TextDot cluster from the file you uploaded.

split_spiral_arranged_01.gh (307.6 KB)
split_spiral_arranged_02.gh (416.9 KB)


Thanks Kevin,

You are correct. I tried everything because it was just a bit confusing for me after a while. Thank you.
I tried the Fabtools- advanced bake and advanced group tools but I am getting warnings when in my cylinder script it is fine. Its saying tools are out dated.

Happy for your help