Plug-in missing in Rhino5

Hello I posted earlier here:

I emailed ChaosGroup and the reply was:
“We recommend that you do a full uninstall and then re-install after upgrading version of Rhino to ensure that V-Ray is installed properly within Rhino.”
I have done that but I still don’t see plugins, can anyone show me how do I call out (Vray) and the rest of the plugin in Rhino5?


Hi happytriger2000,

Did you download the 64 bit version of Vray for Rhino from the Chaos Group site? This will be the version that will show up in Rhino 5 x64. If you already downloaded this and installed it with Rhino closed, it may just not be loaded. If so, check Options>Rhino Options>Plugins in Rhino 5 x64 to see if Vray is present in the list of plugins installed. If it is there, you probably just need to check the check box to load it.

Does that help?

Thanks, need to download Vray 64 and pay for it.