Plug-in issue in RHINO 5

I have encountered an error popup while running my Matrix application (a plug-in for RHINO5) after I downloaded RHINO 6 + Panther on my windows 10.

When I close the popups, my VRAY on both Matrix and RHINO5 failed to work. Please see the attached popups.

Well, I ran the Panther Software instead, but there’s no model reflected on the plane view even I clicked on the command on the right panel.

Then I tried to uninstall RHINO 6 + Panther, but it does not work.

Please help!!

Rhino Error 1
Rhino Error 2

If it were me, I’d Try reinstalling or Repairing Rhino V5 and Matrix since they seem to be the complaining tools.

Thanks!! How to Repair the RHINO 5? I would like tot ry the repair before i reinstall it again :frowning:

Hi - From the Windows Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program, you can right-click on Rhino 5 and pick Repair.