Matrix 9 plug in help

if anyone can help me it would be amazing! when i click F6 in matrix 9 the program locks up. has anyone experience this problem? here is a screenshot of the keyboard shortcut to what F6 does.

If you launch Native Rhino without Matrix or any other plug-ins, does the freezing still happen?

How about if you launch Rhino is Safemode?
Safemode isn’t a fix, it’s a troubleshooting tool to eliminate display drivers or plug-ins as the cause of the problem.

i reinstalled rhino 5 and the F6 turns on and off the camera so its a plug in issue

Was Matrix the only extra plug-in you had running?
If so, Stuller tech support will be your next stop.

stuller will not support matrix 9 anymore

Then I guess you’re stuck.
I do not know how to help.

im going to save everything on my hard drive to a external and do a clean install of windows 10 and hopefully that will solve it

That’s a really good idea.

the clean install did work. im getting an error when i open matrix 9 but i just clicking ok and hoping for the best.

The solution I gave to you on facebook already.

Im getting this same error message at the start up of matrix 9.0. It began about 2 months ago or there about, if I just tell it yes it runs fine. Im sure it was a Microsoft update that matrix 9.0 wasnt in on since there is no longer any software support from Stuller Settings.
Its what happens when we dont get in line and spend another 5 grand for the latest version every couple years

lol i did not care for matrix gold, its to complicated for my small brain. i save everything on an external drive wiped my pc clean with a new install of windows 10 reinstalled rhino 5 and matrix. i got my F6 function back but this annoying thing was still popping up. Richard Aubin is a genius and helped me. here is the solution. i also have the solution to the drag and drop problem here is that also. In end im buying another computer for checking emails and research for projects, getting a KVM switch so i can use the same monitor, keyboard and mouse with both computers and just completely keep the cad computer offline. I was also given this info for completely killing all updates for windows on the cad computer that im gonna keep offline, but in that rare situation that i need to go online to release my rhino licenses the update wont kill my software again and cause another two week loss of productivity and income. here are all the errors i have had and the solution to them. file these where you can find them again.

I appreciate the info , I’ve got matrix 6.3 on my old desktop because I still get things that are best milled it’s been off line for 8 years or more works great . One of my boys is running matrix gold and he’s not having any problems with it, I thought I’d retire before this ,
Best thing is running them off line.
Interesting thing is stuller is still using the original revo mill , they have a dozen or so all running all the time, I’d mill everything if I could still get parts for it and avoid the problems that come with casting printed models . Thanks again the questions and answers

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