Plot contours of a 3D-Model in many rows with help of GH?


I want to ask for help with the following task.
As you can see, the obtained contours from the 3D-Model are presented in one row. In this case, there are 12 contours.

I need to do the following management:
I want to have 12 contours at each 1 cm slice in the vertical direction (z-direction ). These 12 contours automatically ordered in one row.
So at 1 cm I have 12
At 2 cm I have 12
at 3 cm I have 12
and so on until the end of the model.

So how can I solve this with GH-componetns automatically? and it should be like this edited picture. Here I just did copy and paste from the orginal row of contoures on paint to explain you what I want.

Here ist the GH-File without the 3D-model because it is too big for uploading.

GH-File 4th.July.2020 without the (16.7 KB)

I am looking forward for any kind of help, hints and suggestions.
Many thanks in advance.

At least internalise the contour curves, otherwise there is nothing to work with.

yes thanks for the advice. I have done that. you can download the file from dropbox through this link

Sorry the file is really big for uploading it here.

Just internalise the curves of the slices next time for keeping the file size smaller:GH-File (740.8 KB)

just created another series for the other rows.

Hello Mark,

Thanks for your help. However, I still need to know how to have each row with different contours from each cut from the model.
If you look to the picture below, I took 50 contours from the model. However, they are not ordered in rows. How can I do each row of contours from a cut in the Z direction from the model?
So again:
I want to have x-number(variable) of contours at each 1 cm slice in the vertical direction (z-direction ). This x-number (variable) of contours have to order automatically in one row.
So at z= 1 cm I have x-number(variable) of contours
At 2= cm I have other x-number(variable) of contours
at 3 cm I have 12 other x-number(variable) of contours
and so on until the end of the model.

GH-File 5th.July.2020_ME (742.2 KB)

Your intention wasn’t very clear to me initially, but here it is: GH-File 5th.July.2020_ME (737.8 KB)

For advanced nesting: